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Guest Worship Leader/Guest Artist

Tanya frequently serves in church services, conferences and retreats as a guest worship leader with the option to also share original songs as a guest artist.

Church Concerts: 

A concert option with or without Tanya's band is also an option.  Concerts with house bands may be arranged in advance.

House Concerts:

These intimate concerts are a perfect way to provide a meaningful and casual night of music and story in the comfort of your living room or outdoor space.  If you can gather a minimum of 15-20 people in your space let's talk!


In addition to sharing her music Tanya has been a featured speaker at a variety of events such as Women's retreats, conferences, Creative Arts retreats and more.  Talk topics are available upon request but cover a wide range of subjects surrounding life, faith and creativity.


We'd LOVE to hear from you!  We'll respond within 24 hours from receiving your info below or feel free to email us at

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